Demantoid (Green Garnet)
Mined at the Green Fire Two mine in San Benito County
As the new 1/3 partner in the Green Fire Two  demantoid mine, I'm proud to be able to offer my
customers this top notch demantoid green garnet. Located a few miles from the legendary
Benitoite Gem Mine, the Green Fire 2 Mine , has been an unsteady source for  this gem grade
green garnet that is extremely rare worldwide. That the production has been unsteady is due to
many factors, but its small scale and demantoid's sheer rarity must be in the top five reasons.
Add to this the mines'  remoteness and rugged access roads(nearly impassable for six months).
Though I've made but  few mining expeditions since joining the partnership, I've  collected  a few
dozen  fine specimens and plan on working the claim this summer for more spectacular
specimens I know are still there. The good news  is that once demantoid is found,  it needs far
less processing than benitoite to produce great looking specimens. My enduring hope is to find
atleast a few demantoid crystals with the size and clarity needed to be worth faceting into a great
Californian Demantoid Garnet
at that. Mined from the Green Fire 2.
Faceted oval. .40 carat. 6mm x 4mm. $275
Demantoid garnet cabochon
Oval. 6.20 carats! 11mm. x 9mm. A
good looking cab for sure--my photos
are an insult. $200
Demantoid on serpentine.$45.
Item: Dem-1-45
Demantoid on serpentine. $25.
Item: Dem-2-25
Drusy demantoid on
serpentine. $40. Item:
Demantoid on serpentine. $35.
Demantoid on serpentine.
Nice specimen. $40. Item:
Demantoid on serpentine. $30.
Item: Dem-6-30
Demantoid on serpentine.
Superb. $50. Item: Dem-7-50
Demantoid on serpentine. $20.
Item: Dem-8-20
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