Melanite (black garnet)
Melanite is the black colored variety of andradite garnet. It's chemical formula is Ca3 Fe2 Si3 O12.  It is
found at several localities in the New Idria Mining district.  I heard it was commercially mined in the 40's
for its use in wartime sandpaper, though the sites I've seen don't seem large enough to have yielded
even kilo-tons of refined melanite powder. These days this melanite is mined for its beauty as sparkly
black inlay material for jewelry, and its raw beauty as a mineral specimen.
AND YET another museum-sized, classic,
drusy melanite on serpentine matrix
specimen. Approx: 4.5" x4.5" x 4.5".
largest  black crystals are about 3mm. The
reverse side is even better than this side--my
mistake! Price: $67 + $8 shipping =
$75.  Item #:
Museum size-- Melanite
crystals on serpentine. $65.
Item: Mel-1-65
Melanite and topazolite on
serpentine. A fine specimen!
$50. Item: Mel-2-50
Drusy Melanite on serpentine.
Beautiful. $35. Item: Mel-3-35
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