OPALS ?   In South San Benito County? Nooooo!
Though I wouldn't doubt they're here to be found. These are an assortment of opals I
acquired in trade for benitoite. As such I can afford to sell them at below market prices.  I
know these aren't the best of pictures, but you can click on them to enlarge them which
does them some justice. Other gemstone trades to be posted soon.
Australian Crystal
Opal. Two stones. 5
carats total. $200
Item: bc1op200
Opal Doublet. 20
carats. $150              
Item: bc2op150
Australian Opal. 3.65
carats. Great for
pendant stone. A deal
for $97 Item: bc4op97
Australian Crystal Opal. 10 carats!
Gorgeous and hefty. $200
Mexican Opal. 4.65 carats.
Pink and green glints in an
earthy brown glaze. It's all
good! And at $53!
To Be Continued