Benitoite Cabochons
Benitoite cabochons  are  less expensive than faceted  benitoite as they are easier to
fashion and take less labor and time to make. They have rounded tops, flat bottoms and
come as ovals, rounds, trigons, pears. and asymetrics. They can be nicely mounted in
earrings, bracelets, pendants, studs, and even rings. Benitoite cabs often have exotic
inclusions of neptunite, crossite, and natrolite that make them picturesque and
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Oval cab.
1.50 carats.
10 x 7 mm.
beautiful. $95
Round Cab. 1.70
carats. 7mm.Swirly
goodness. $85
Item: cab-2
Item: cab-1
Trigon cab.
.85 carat.
6mm. Good
blue clarity.
Item: cab-3
Long oval
cab. 1.40
carat. 9 x
4 mm. $75.
Item: cab-6
Oval cab 3.10
carats,9 x 7 mm.
Hefty. $140
Item: cab-8
Tear-drop cab. 3.70
carats, 12 x 7 mm.
Blue and sparkly.
Item: cab-10
Item: cab-9
Oval cab.
4.65 carats.
9 x 11mm.
Nice stone.
Oval cab. 3.50
carats. 10 x 8
mm. Lots of clear
blue, gorgeous.
Item: cab-11
Item: cab-12
Oval cab.
3.80 carats. 8
x 10 mm. Nice
mate for #12.
Item: cab-13
Benitoite and
Neptunite cab
Spectacular blue
and black! 5.60
carats. 9 x 10 mm.
Item: cab-14
Oval cab. 4.60
carats. 9 x 11
mm. Yin-yang
pattern. Very
mellow-- dude.
Item: cab-15
Pear shaped
cab. 8.60
carats. 11 x 17
mm. Huge and
Item: cab-16
Squarish oval
cab. 9.00 carats.
10 x 13 mm. Thick
and dreamy.
Item: cab-17
Freeform trigon
cab. 13.90
carats. 13 x 16
mm. Very big-
very blue. $290.
Item: cab-18
Oval cab.
1.80 carats.
5 x 8 mm.
Item: cab-19
Item: cab-20
Square cab.
5.20 carats. 8
x 11 mm.
Very dark
and opaque.
Only $95.
Oval cab.
4.85 carats. 7
x 11 mm.
Very dark
with blue
Item: cab-21
Item: cab-22
Tear drop cab.
1.25 carats. 5 x
8 mm.  Has
nice blue spot.
Only $40.
Tear drop
cab. 1.35
carats. 6 x 10
Item: cab-24
Item: cab-23
Tear drop
cab. 2.90
carats. 6 x
9 mm. Dark
silver blue.
Item: cab-26
Item: cab-25
Very Rare Neptunite
Oval Cabochon.
pitch black with flecks of
crimson and you won't
find it anywhere else
soon! Only two mining
locales for it on Earth.
Hard and durable--great
for a ring. 3.20 carats. 8 x
10 mm. $95.
Item: cab-27
King Neptunite
square cab. Hefty 12.80
carats. 15 x 10 x6 mm.
thick. Set it in red gold
and you'll be good to go.
Don't even bother
searching for a
comparable neptunite
cab--it's not out there.
Item: cab-28
Benitoite and
Neptunite Trigon
cab. 1.05 carats. 7
mm. $67.
Item: cab-29
Big, blue and
pretty clear
benitoite trigon
cab. 3.70 carats!
9mm. Set this
one in white gold
or silver. $125.
Item: cab-30
Oval ben
cab. 1.80
carats. 6 x 7
mm. Silver
blue. $45.
Item: cab-31
Large natrolite
included oval
cab. 4.60 carats.
9 x 13 mm.
Mottled with
benitoite. Set in
yellow gold for a
one of a kind
pendant. $107.
Item: cab-32
Asymetric chili
pepper shaped cab.
1.80 carats. 6 x 10
mm. Silver blue. Has
small but becoming
pit. Discount to $30.
Item: cab-34
Item: cab-33
Spread the word, Kemp's Kabs are coming to this page
soon---about a miner's month* ---and you will love them!

multiply by two or so
Item: cab-7
Long oval cab.
1.40 carats. 10
x 5 mm. $75
Tear drop cab.
2.45 carats. 7 x 11
mm. $88
Oval cab.
1.75 carats.
6 x 9mm.
Oval cab.
3.20 carats.
8 x 10 mm.
It's a round baby
ben cabochon.
.10 carat. 3 mm.