Benitoite Crystals
The benitoite crystals shown on this page are known as "free floaters". That means they are
free from the matrix rock (crossite and natrolite) that they were formed in. Almost all such
floaters sold here became free by natural weathering processes(the San Benito River mostly).
Some may retain a bit of matrix rock. Most of these crystals are opaque though  many have
some gemminess  and I will usually say so if it is significant. I endeavor to accurately
describe them and the pictures should back me up. Occasionally the posted prices may be
different from prices photoed on gem jars or boxes the crystals are shown with.
This free floating benitoite crystal is the extremely rare "Star of
The rarest type of  crystal "habit" for benitoite; I might have found 3 or 4
in my 22 years of mining. This one was  found by a wanderin' screenshaker
working for my neighboring claimboss on the Little Loa claim upstream of the
Whimsy. And it's not for sale at any price I'm told. Thought you might like to see it.
The "Star of Idria". Pictured in the "specimens" page of this
website with details. I put it here too as I consider it a "free floating"
benitoite crystal, even though it has a few blobs of  matrix  
attached.  Folks ask me why I haven't removed these blobs. I tell
them it's just not done with a  fine, nay--supreme benitoite
specimen.  See
specimens page for details. Price: $11,000
Item: star21K
Large "arrowhead"
shaped benitoite crystal
with matrix ball. $100
OK folks, I know it's small but it is a
"Star of David" benitoite
crystal---you can see it's big
brother above. It's the only one I
have. I'll sell it for $77.
"intergrown"  twin
crystal. Bizarre. Has
gemminess too. $70
As with low cost and fluorescent specimens, I've decided to also offer freefloating benitoite crystals in $10
increments($10, $20, $30, ...on up to $150).  You'll get what you pay for and I guarantee very good value on
freefloating crystals as they are my favorite specialty of the benitoite world. I've pursued them, studied
them, priced and sold them for 18 years now and probably have one of the largest and most diverse stocks  
of them around and, more importantly, I make them available to the public. You'll  rarely see these
wonderful and rare freefloating benitoite  crystals being sold anywhere but here!  Let me know what you
can spend on one and any other specifics such as crystal type, color(most are a shade of blue grading to  
steel gray). Most have very high schistosity. Give me a call if you have any questions and to assure
availability, especially as price goes over $100. When it comes to freefloating benitoite crystals--- Whimsy
Mining Company is the ruling King!
Very Large Benitoite Crystal--has
a natural hole thru center that makes
it a great pendant stone. $175.  
Nice Benitoite Trigon--with
two little "whimsy balls". $38.
Item#: CR2-38
Tabular Crystal--a fat little
one. With matrix ball. $33.
Item: CR3-33.
Benitoite Multi-crystal.
Crystal on crystal. $33. Item:
Large Benitoite Crystal.
High Schistosity. $85. Item:
Large Benitoite Crystal.
$55. Item: CR6-55
Large Benitoite Crystal.
$60. Item: CR7-60
Large Benitoite Crystal  with
matrix balls. $30 and that's a
deal. Item: CR8-30
Perfect small benitoite
with a bit of matrix.
$43. Item: CR9-43
Large Flat Ben Crystal.
Nice edges. $43. Item:
Small Benitoite Crystal with
matrix ball. It has a chipped tip
but it's only $20. Item: CR11-20
Benitoite Multi-crystal. Lots
of shimmering trigon ghosts.
$40. Try to find a similiar ben
crystal specimen elsewhere!
$40. Item:CR12-40
Fat Tabular Benitoite
Really nice facets.
Very Fat. Sorry, but I had to
raise the price on this one to
$58. Tabs like this are just too
rare! Item: CR13-58
Well Matched Pair of Ben
Crystals with matrix balls.
Earrings? $47 for both.
Item: CR14-47
Benitoite Twin Crystal.
Contact twin. Slightly
gemmy on some edges.
$37. Item: CR15-37
Two Ben Crystals--one
large--one small on
crossite/natrolite mixed
matrix. $50. Item: CRW16-50
Other crystals in stock:
Click on photos to enlarge
Large Flat Benitoite Crystal.
Fairly blue with some
gemminess on edges. $60.
Item: CR17-60
Large Benitoite Crystal.
Fairly thick.. $65. Item:
Triple Benitoite Crystal.
Two offset from each other
with a small third one
perched perpendicular to
one. $33. Item: CR19-33
Very Rare "Hinged"
Hexagon. $47. Item:
Fat Tabular Ben Crystal.
Only $33 and that's a good
deal. Item: CR21-33
Extremely Large
"Arrow-head" Benitoite
Crystal. 26 Carats. Nice
opaque blue. Great
schistosity. $450 for now.
Item: CRW22-450
Benitoite Contact Twin. $35.
Item: CR23-35
Neptunite Contact Twin.
$25. Item: CR24-25
Rare Elongated Benitoite
Hexagon. $35--yes, I raised
the price but only a bit.
Item: CR25-35
Perfect Benitoite "intergrown" twin crystal.
If it hadn't twisted along its vertical axis it
would have formed into the legendary "Star
of David"!  For all my experience,  I'd say
this form is just slightly rarer. A very
beautiful and very rare crystal! Price: $450.
Item: CR26-450
Fat Benitoite Crystal. $28.
Item: CR27-28.
Awesome Benitoite
Multi-crystal. An omelette
of crystals!. $175. Item:
Benitoite multi-crystal. Looks like a
tiny maceball. Has slight
gemminess--atleast that's how it
looked to me before my cataract hit
3rd gear. I'll let it go for $80.  Item:
CR 29-80
Gemmy Blue Ben Crystal Twin. Why I had it
priced originally for $28 I'll never know--on
re-evaluation this stone could cut out a clean
.20 to .25 carat gemstone! So I have to price
it right at $85. That's a fair deal. Item: CR30-80
Benitoite Crystals. Two of
them fairly well matched.
Both of them in good
shape. $37. Item: CR31-37
Benitoite Crystal. It's a bit
odd;--looking like it was a
double crystal that  suffered
a tip break. It's damaged but
I'm sure it's worth $30.
Benitoite Flat Trigon. Steel
gray color--nothing flashy--but
it is a ben "xtal" and it's only
$27. Item: CR33-27
Large Ben Crystal with
"ghost" images--you can
see one in the photo.
Wooo-oooo. $45. Item:
Benitoite Crystal. Good
schistosity and lots of
character. $35.Item: CR35-35
Large Ben Crystal. Some
gemminess on two of it's
edges. $33. Item: CR36-33
Blue, split-tab, semi-gemmy ben. Try
saying that 3 times fast! An odd one. Some
small chips. Some greenish ben too. Was
priced at $125--but just for fun I'll let it go
for $95. Item:CR37-95
Ben crystals stuck
together--known as contact
twins. $35. Item: CR38-35
CLASSIC Benitoite Twins. Joined at
birth like "Siamese Twins"--- but these
twins cannot be separated by any
geo-surgeon I know of. Good, healthy
crystals tho'. $88. Item:CR39-88
Gemmy, Blue Ben Crystal.
Bottom side a bit knarled.
Top side--sweet n' shiny.
Only $30. Item: CR40-30.
Large, riverworn , crystal.
It's a sentimental favorite of It's a
sentimental favorite of mine but I
can't keep it forever. Has chunk
of matrix on back that I left
on---it helps it sit up in a few
positions. $600. Item: KW1-600
Large Opaque Benitoite
3/4" on a side!!
Perfect equilateral trigon.
About 50% schistose. Hints
of gemminess. 22.20
carats-about 4 grams.  
Pretty darn big as
freefloaters go. $500.
Another  Huge Benitoite Crystal. This
one is a case study in crystal formation with
layers of fluorescent benitoite  and dull
crossite. Edges about an inch and about 1/2"
thick. It's not a pretty crystal but it sure is an
interesting one. Especially under U.V.
lamp--which I'll try to get a photo posted of
soon. $800 for now. CR42-800
The largest selection of free-floating Benitoite crystals in the world!!