Benitoite gem rough vials, placer run gem-bearing
gravel bags, crystal type sets, and other items.
Benitoite gem rough. We have
switched to shipping it in small
ziploc bags but will send a vial and
cork with each order if requested
Benitoite gem rough! Yes, we do sell it, against all reason and despite the old
prospectors' warnings to never sell gem rough. Their reasoning is simple: it's worth so much more
when it's faceted or cabbed! This is true, but I'd go crazy just grading and evaluating each gemstone,
not to mention preforming, packeting, labeling, weighing, shipping, waiting and waiting, and then,
when finally back from the facetors, to do much of such and more again.
I can tell you that mining it can be hard work, and extracting benitoite from  matrix  can be
time-consuming and hazardous. That's OK by me, but to do it all is just too much.
Our benitoite rough is graded by me to be gem grade, meaning it can be faceted, fancy cut, or
cabbed. Some of it is flawless, more of it has flawless sections, some of it is zoned(color gradations),
a lot of it has inclusions. Some pieces(not many) may even have a bit of matrix rock still attached.
I sell it by the gram(5 carats per) in glass vials in water. A typical gram of rough has about 12 stones
with the largest weighing in at about 1.5 carats and smallest about .20 carat. Average stone about a
half carat. Current price is $38/gram($7.60/carat) with $5 shipping and handling(regardless of gram wt.
ofcourse). This is one item I can't accept returns on. So while I can't guarantee your satisfaction I will
guarantee my gem rough to be 100% benitoite(not including inclusions and a wee bit of matrix!).
The notoriously rich Little Whimsy Placer Claim gem-bearing gravel bags are
back by popular demand. We've managed to bring back 23 so far this season out of 6 daytime
excursions. Each one pound bag is hand troweled from 7(of 9 this year) different gravel bars at depths
of 6" to 30". They are washed once, unsorted, and , aside from what's obvious in the trowel,
unpickedover. Site # and description, date, depth, site history, weight, and remarks(sans expletives),
are logged and labeled.
Just  follow instruction sheet provided. It's easy and even  thrilling.
In essence you: dry sift thru half and quarter inch and for sure 1/8" screens, then wet screen the same,  
then spread it out in the sun and pick out gemmy benstones and crystals, gleaming neptunite, whimsy
balls (botryoidal crossite/natrolite) and an occassional scorpion fragment.  No matter how meticulous
you think you are at it, the final step of illumination with short-wave blacklight always shows more gems
and crystals. I've  sold close to a hundred bags and have never heard of anyone getting "skunked".  
Every bag seems a veritable cornucopia of all that's  ben and nep--gem cutters, cabbers, crystals,
mini-specimens, up to 2 and 3" ben/nep specimens. If you find that 7 carat flawless cutter--please let me
This is another item I can't take returns on.  Spring 2007 ben bag pounder price: $40  +  $10(shipping and
handling).  You can save money buying more gravel bags.

Two 1# bags for $80
shipping and handling included.
Three 1# bags for $110 S + H included
Four 1# bags for $135 S + H included    

For more than four bags please inquire
Benitoite type sets. My sister Kate and I put together a couple hundred of these about a decade ago. I
have a few dozen left  but could be persuaded to make more if folks take to them. We made a few different types of type
sets---The small ones have:  Type A: includes gem grade ben rough, ben crystal, and nep crystal. $11.   Type B: gem grade
ben rough and a ben crystal. $9. Pictures to be posted. Large Type sets awaiting production
Behind the type sets you can see an authenic
New Idria Mining and Chemical
Company stock certificate dated 1936
We have a fair stock of these venerable old certificates. Price: $10 each. $70/ ten.
Temporarily out of stock
Temporarily out of stock
We still have a fair supply of these certificates
but they are steadily going.