Benitoite / Neptunite Specimens
Benitoite specimens and neptunite specimens are our specialty! We have a large stock of thumbnail, small,
medium, and large cabinet
benitoite specimens. We have more benitoite specimens than neptunite
because we find them at night using a shortwave blacklight and, ofcourse, neptunite specimens
don't glow in our shortwave U.V. lamps. Specimens with both
benitoite and neptunite are less well stocked.
You can click on some of these images to enlarge them. I will be listing many more as I get time to process,
photo, and webpost them.
Most specimens here have been laboriously processed to expose their crystals and turn them into good
specimens. I have spent as much as 40 hours on some --even more on others.  I prefer to process them by a
variety of mechanical means such as dremel tooling, chiseling, pressure washing, and media blasting--- but
wax and etch teknix usually demand their unfun participation in specimen development. They are all well
washed and ph balanced but may need an occassional washing to make them sparkle.
I try to price them fairly taking into account the market and time invested. With the closure of the  Gem Mine
they are likely to diminish in already rare supply. The Gem Mine had a bad history of focusing on gem
extraction and often pulverized great specimens in that pursuit.
The Sleeping Ben-Dragon. One of my favorite benitoite
specimens!  This picture does little justice to this babe of a  
benitoite specimen.  Her  "head" is a  large, fairly blue, ben
crystal (1..6" x ~ 1.15" x ~1.25" x  1/2" thick) complete with
perfectly set  "eyes", blonde "hair", and even a mouth and
tongue of mixed crossite/natrolite matrix.
Item # : bc5sleepingben21c
Five views of the largest and best benitoite crystal I've found in 22 years of mining.  It
weighs in at an awesome 137 carats.  It measures an astounding 1.50 inches on its sides and a beefy  1/2"
The "Star" has mirror-like schistosity on every face.
I've heard  there's a finer benitoite crystal specimen in the Mariposa Museum and I've seen  two larger
steel gray "stars" (with major breaks);  and there are a few smaller benitoite crystals(1.25") that are gem
grade beauties perched on matrix --- but I haven't seen any other  "freefloating" benitoite crystals that

can match this one for size and beauty.  I've decided to sell it for
Measures 18" long, 6" high, and 6 to 7" wide.
Peppered with gemmy benitoite crystals that
congregate in splotches. Well, see for
yourself--here's 2 photos you can click on. I
haven't weighed it yet-I'd guess 30 LBS--and I'm
still cleaning it. I'm authorized to sell it even as I
work on it and in this business thats fine by me.  
Item: 8MusW6
Largest Benitoite Crystal I've ever
Rare Arrowhead crystal form. Longest edge is
2.37". Opaque, very blue, high schistosity(it's shiny),
and has a small blob of neptunite and a few small
patches of natrolite attached to its show face. It
weighs 69 grams--thats 345 carats! It's a monster of a
benitoite crystal. It could be lapped into a garish
pendant stone--it has a good basic shape--though I'd
keep it as a specimen. Again, I 've been mining
benitoite almost 22 years and have never seen such a
huge crystal anywhere--not even in print. My partner
found it back when the Gem Mine was known as the
Dallas mine. I'm asking a modest $7,000. Item: WK7K
Click on photos to enlarge!
About a dozen benitoite crystals on
crossite/natrolite matrix. Specimen measures
8 x 7 x about 3 cm. The largest crystals are
broken but could be etched more to show
greater relief. $110. Item#: k2-110
Neptunite on crossite/natrolite marix.
Measures 14 x 6 x 5 cm. Very large
neptunite crystals. Displays well. $180.
Item#: k3-180
Thin vein specimen measures
16 x10 x 4 to 7 cm thick.. Has
many dozens of small gemmy
crystals. Great fluorescent
specimen too. UPDATE: This
specimen has been
re-etched--new photo to be
posted soon! $675. Item#:
Small cabinet specimen  
measures 5.5 x 2.5 x 2 cm.
thick. Many small gem-grade
crystals. $110. Item#: k5-110
Golf ball sized specimen
contains mass of jumbled  gem
grade crystals on one end.
Could have more inside. $275.
Item#: k6-275
Small cabinet  specimen has
both gemmy benitoite and
neptunite crystals, most in
perfect shape. Also has
amazing banded benitoite
structure on backside. $230.
Item: k7-230
Thumbnail specimen.. Six
gemmy benitoite crystals and
one tiny neptunite all perched in
natrolite. $175. Item#: k8-175
Small cabinet specimen measures 4
x 3 x 1 cm contains one very large
trigon benitoite crystal, two smaller
ones, and two tiny neptunite crystals.
$350. Item#: k9-350
Neptunite Specimen has a
dozen or so crystals on
natrolite and crossite matrix..
Measures 7 x 6 x 3 cm. Good
crystals. $110. Item#: k10-110
Large Cabinet specimen measures 15 x 10
x5 cm. Has very  gemmy exposures of
benitoite on two sides with two  huge
crystals  perched on one side and another
huge crystal on other side..$1800.
Large cabinet neptunite  
specimen measures 16 x  8 x 4
cm. Dozens of crystals on
natrolite matrix. Could be
etched more for greater relief
but looks fine as is. $325.
Item#: W2-325.
Benitoite cabinet specimen
measures  4 x 3 x 2 cm. and
displays 3 large gemmy
crystals. $200. Item#: w3-200
measures 6 x 3 x 4cm. One
face covered with showy
and gemmy blue benitoite
crystals. A good looking
chunk of ben ore. $140.
Item#; k11-140.
Extremely large benitoite crystal of about 2
cm. sandwiched in specimen measuring 5 x
2 x 3cm.  Sits next to what I call foliated
crossite. Very unusual. $150 for this freak!
And that's a deal. Item#: k12-150
CRYSTALS!!! Large cabinet specimen measuring about 7 x 6 x
4cm. has giant opaque  ben crystal  about 3 x 3 x 2cm  and 2
large and long neptunites plus a smaller one. Could probably be
etched more to double it's value and if I find time to I will. $900.
Item#: k13-900
Cabinet specimen has 5
large opaque benitoite
crystals on crossite matrix.
The crystals are gray but
some have slight
gemminess. $200.
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