Faceted Benitoite
Faceted benitoite is one of the rarest of gemstones. Carat for carat, stone for stone, it is perhaps
a million times rarer than diamonds. A  faceted benitoite gemstone has more brilliance than a
diamond. Benitoite has been  the state gemstone of California since 1985.  With the recent
closing of commercial production at the Benitoite Gem Mine; benitoite gemstones, benitoite
specimens, and benitoite crystals will surely become even rarer and more expensive.
Faceted benitoite gemstones are suitably mounted in most jewelry such as earrings, bracelets,
studs, and pendants but should be inset  in a ring.
We try to keep stock in faceted benitoite but it sells very quickly.
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Benitoite Fancy Cuts
Our benitoite gemstone fancy cuts are well
suited for pendants, studs, and bracelets.
Fancy cut benitoite stones are not the standard cuts reserved for benitoite. They are usually
more simple and are more amenable to stones that may have inclusions, zoning, and/or
clouds. This doesn't stop them from being quite beautiful and desirable gemstones.
Benitoite gemstone pentagon.
1.10 carat. Gemmy. 8mm x 5mm.
$220. item: bc6fc220