Benitoite Fluorescent Specimens
Benitoite is fluorescent when exposed to shortwave ultra-violet light. Indeed, this is one of the better
tests used to determine if a stone is genuine benitoite. It glows blue of varying intensities that  can
reveal how gemmy(translucent) it is. A truly gemmy benitoite has a dim ghostly blue clarity that
contrasts well with the bright high intensity blue/white of opaque, non-translucent benitoite.
We have a good stock of outstanding fluorescent specimens, and sell them quite affordably for
$35/pound. Most are between 2 and 3 inches in width, some smaller, with an average range of 12 to
16 specimens per pound. We try to include all the various forms of benitoite in matrix(crystals,
veins, include $10 per pound for shipping and mostly for handling. $8 per pound S + H for orders of 3
pounds to 6 pounds. $6 per pound   S + H for 7 to 15 pounds and  $5 per pound  S + H for 16 pounds
or more.
Premium Benitoite Fluorescent Specimens.  We can also offer fluorecent
specimens that are just too good to sell in batches. These are usually large cabinet
specimens in their own right without a blacklight-- but have incredible fluorescence with it.
These pictures were taken under low lighting conditions with two short-wave U.V. lights on(pictures on
left). They do
not  look like their photos under normal lighting, of course(shown on right). They should give
you  a feel for what I see when I go night mining. I've searched the "net" for other benitoite fluorescent
specimens and have found few. Nevertheless I've tried to price them at low prices, which is fairly easy as it
is these type of specimens I find the most of. You should be able to click and enlarge these photos.
The specimens under blacklight at left and under white light at right
Cleaved from a thin vein specimen
it measures 4.5" x 3" x 1.5" approx.
Has a suspicious bulge that I might
normally etch for more
crystals--Not gonna--too much
work. $50 Item: bc1pf50
Perfect fluorescent
specimen measures 4.5"
x 2" x 3". Very chunky
and full of crystals.
Un-etched! $60 Item:
Somewhat low lying specimen is still a
thrill. Un-etched. Bargain price $20.
Item: bc3pf20
Another thin vein split that turned
out good. About an inch thick(the
specimen not the vein!).
Un-etched beauty. $30                     
Item: bc4pf30
Small but  U.V. showy specimen.
Item: bc5pf10
These are but a few of our premium fluorescent specimens--we have
hundreds more. I've decided to sell them as I sell my regular low cost
benitoite specimens: in $10 increments up to  $300. Let me know what
prices and how many you'd like.
I guarantee you'll get great fluorescent
benitoite specimens!