New Website for the Whimsy Mining Company
LATEST UPDATE:   October 8, 2017
Two Rockhounds on the River. My dog Shadow has seen me hauling rocks so often that she's
taken to doing the same.  Now if I could just get her to concentrate on
good benitoite specimens.
I don't pan too often; screens work better in daytime. This picture taken about midway on Little
Whimsy Placer Claim. The Benitoite Gem Mine is about 3/4 mile further upstream.
Whimsy Mining Company has been in business since 1988, when I  acquired the Little
Whimsy Placer Claim located below the famous Benitoite Gem Mine. In those 26 years, I've
built up a fair inventory of
benitoite specimens and benitoite crystals. I try to keep faceted
benitoite gemstones in stock but they do sell quickly. Benitoite cabochons are usually in
stock. If you see items you'd like to purchase, you may order them on line, by phone, or via
snail mail
(see contact info).
Just a small fraction of my inventory is posted on this website. And I can see it's going to take
many more months before I'm able to photo, price, describe, and post  a larger amount of said
inventory.  This is a bit of a problem for my lower cost specimens and gemstones, which make
up the majority of my stock. So please feel free to e-mail , call, or write  me concerning what
you'd like to have. When it comes to lower cost items($10 to $100) I will probably be able to
guaranteed as I depend on return business from customers and do my best to keep them happy.

Kemp Minor Woods---Proprietor
Whimsy Mining Company
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UPDATE!!! Yes I'm back to business and working hard to develop new
specimens , gemstones, and cabochons.   Your business is much appreciated
Attention geologists: We have a new attraction down here in south San Benito
County---our 35 million year Cenozoic column---click on Kemps Geologic Park
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