Kemp's Geologic  Park --Now open
Talk about an amazing Cenozoic Sequence!
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We have recently opened a Geologic Park  here at Whimsy Mining! Though far from
finished, we have built  hiking and dirt biking trails that ascend through
35 million
of spectacular and intricate layers of a Cenozoic marine sequence that vividly
displays what nature can lay down in 35 million years of time! Oceans, islands,
swamps, lakes, turbidites, and much more. We hope to eventually have description
markers , rest stops, and picnic tables along the entire length of trails-- all the way to
the top flag pole. We have been allowing geology classes to hike and map these hills
for decades and hope they can help us further improve the trails and geo marking of
the layers.
List of Amenities:
Plenty of safe parking for vehicles, vans, trailers, motorhomes, and
recreational vehicles. Over night? ---that's all right--families welcome!
Camp fires OK---bring your own wood.
Camping and cooking facilities, Water spigots and hoses, electric
hook-up($20/day extra), barbeque pits, clean latrine, land line phone, two shaded
bars, recycle bins, compressed air, and much more. New and clean four person
travel trailer available for $60 per day.
Price: We have a donation box at Mahito's Bar. We like to get $15 per person per
day--$10 for kids. Electric hook-up $20 per day extra.
New Idria Road has finally been repaired after 3 long years!!! Please drive it slow
and careful. Watch out for cows, wildlife, and a few 90 degree turns! Be sure to
bring plenty of refreshments and food. We're located one mile below the old cinnabar
mining town of New Idria on right side of road---you can't miss our sign: Woods
Ranch/Whimsy Mining.
Benitoite/Neptunite and rock sales by appointment only. Call
831-693-4531 and ask for Kemp or leave a message.
All new visitors must sign a one time waiver of liability
located at Mahito's Bar. We will soon have trail maps
available there too.
 Please call us atleast a day ahead of
time if you plan on visiting.   831-693-4531
This page still under construction--photos to be posted soon.
Free admission to geologists and rockhounds who can
help us to develop our trail system and sedimentary
labeling, etc.