Lower Cost Specimens
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Additional Specimens in Stock:
This page is dedicated to benitoite and neptunite specimens priced from $10 to $100.  I have hundreds of
lower priced specimens but it's a formidable task to find, mine, clean,
process, photo, describe, price, box,
lable, webpost, sell and package them while fixing vehicles, equipment, tools and then doing dang
paperwork!  Accordingly, I've decided to stop whining and keep streamlining:
Lower priced specimens
are also priced and offered thusly:  They start at $10 and go up in $10 increments($20, $30,
$40,......) to $100. Choose your specimens
from these categories:

1) Benitoite on matrix
2) Gem-grade benitoite on matrix
3) The above two categories with neptunite too.
4) Neptunite only on matrix

Some specimens in processing  may take up to two weeks to send.  E-mail me at , call at 831-693-4531, or write to Kemp Woods -- 20620 New Idria Road,
Paicines, CA. 95043.  
Tell me your price range and what you're seeking.  I'll bet I have it or can get it. I
guarantee your satisfaction
Small cabinet specimen
measures 4 x 3 x  1.5mm. and is
spattered with gemmy benitoite.
Only $85. Item#  LC1-85
Small cabinet specimen with gemmy
benitoite. $60  Item# LC2-60
Cabinet specimen with
benitoite and neptunite in and
on matrix. $60. Item# LC3-60
Small cabinet specimen with
six neptunite crystals and one
benitoite crystal on and in
natrolite. Could have more
inside. $75. Item: LC4-75
Small cabinet specimen with
gemmy benitoite and
neptunite. $35. Item# LC5-35
Cabinet specimen with gemmy
benitoite splashed thinly on
surface..$35. Item# LC6-35
Small cabinet specimen with
neptunite crystals on matrix.
$45. Item# LC7-45
Small cabinet specimen with
benitoite on matrix. $25.
Item#: LC8-25
Small cabinet specimen with
benitoite on two faces. $40.
Item#: LC9-40
Small cabinet specimen with
benitoite on matrix. $30.
Item#: LC10-30
Cabinet specimen sports two
large opaque benitoite  
crystals on matrix--one quite
perfect. A deal at $95. Item#: